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3 phase launch

Phase 1

Verify Suppliers and Customers GSTIN

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GSTIN number is an important part of the entire GST regime. Incorrect or missing GSTIN numbers may not only keep you from getting the due input tax-credit, it may also attract penalty.

In this phase, you need to update your GSTIN number to your suppliers and customers and ask them for theirs. After all, you do not want to be caught in a situation after 1st July where your supplier or customer has not yet registered with GST. The tax credit liability will then be yours. This is mandatory as you need to report this in your e-filing. GSTplus.com automates this process of requesting customers and suppliers for their GSTIN numbers.So, start now with Phase 1 on GSTplus.com.

This phase has to be done online at GSTplus.com.

Phase 2

Upload Outward Invoices

1st July to 10th August
In this Phase, you will need to upload your outward supply bills (GSTR-1) to GSTN. This phase is likely to start sometime between 1st July and 15th July depending on Govt. announcements.

We have released a simple excel sheet where you can import data from popular accounting softwares and ERPs and later update to GSTN directly from within the Excel sheet or opt to upload to our website and then to GSTN.

Phase 2 is already out in beta stage and is in sync with the latest API (v0.3) released by the GSTN on 9th June 2017. This is presently being tested with limited set of users.

This phase could be done on the web, using MS Excel sheet , your smart phone or using our on-premise solution.

Phase 3

Reconcile and File Returns

11th of August onwards
Phase 3 deals with Inward Invoice (GSTR-2) confirmation and correction.

Hint: Your suppliers' outward invoice (GSTR-1) will be your Inward invoice (GSTR-2). Once your supplier updates their GSTR-1 by 10th of August, you will need to start this phase on 11th of August.

You will need to check and confirm inward invoices. Changes (if any) to inward Invoices (reported by your supplier in their GSTR-1) will be done in this phase.

You then need to file your final return for the month in form of GSTR-3 by 20th of August.

This phase could be done on the web, using MS Excel sheet , your smart phone or using our on-premise solution.

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Manage your returns from within an Excel sheet with inbuilt validations and API calls.

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